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Does your child know these 3 basic safety skills?

Posted: September 21, 2018

One of the main focuses of our classes at Master Yourself Martial Arts is Child Safety Training. We truly believe that safety skills can be developed from an early age, and that every person deserves to feel safe as they move about their daily life. 

Some self-defense moves take time, practice, and quality instruction to master, but you can start working on the basics with your child right now!

Practice these three safety basics with your child to help protect them from common dangers!

1) Be sure your child knows their first and last name, the best phone number to reach you at, and their home address.

This is important because if your child is ever separated from you, they need to know who they are, who you are, and how to get home.

2) Teach your kids that 911 is an emergency number they can call for help if they can't reach you or another trusted adult

Anyone can dial 911 from any phone (even a locked cell phone). It's important to emphasize with your children that 911 is only for emergencies, but if an adult isn't available they can call for help. Children have saved their parents and can help themselves by being trained to call 911.

3) If something seems unusual or a stranger approaches them, they need to stop what they're doing, run to you or other people and tell you what happened.

A simple rule of thumb that we share with our students is that if someone says, "don't tell your parents!" Then the first thing they should probably do is tell their parents whatever that is (this can be frustrating when it's a holiday surprise, but it's important for their safety). It's important to listen to your child if they seem to be telling you that something is wrong - they may not have the words to describe their fears or what happened, and they need to know that you're a safe person to talk to. If they've gotten into a difficult situation, it can be helpful to be patient while you help them find a solution - whether it's a real danger, a bad dream, a disagreement with a friend, a bullying issue in school, or any other issue they may face.


At Master Yourself Martial Arts, we are committed to helping as many children as possible learn to defend themselves from the dangers of our world. We offer free Child Safety Training for our community several times a year at Master Yourself Martial Arts in Titusville. If you would like to bring our child safety training to your school, church group, scouts, or home school group, please feel free to give us a call at (321) 383 - 4600 or email us at and we'll work with you to schedule a time for your Child Safety Training class!